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The Project
World-class Tuition-free University
Project Date: 2018
the challenge

WorldQuant University (WQU) is an international not-for-profit dedicated to advancing global education in data sciences. Its mission is to make advanced, quality education accessible to capable students everywhere by leveraging technology at scale to deliver entirely online, tuition-free programs. Founded on the belief that while talent is equally distributed around the world but opportunity is not, the University currently offers a two-year Master of Science in Financial Engineering program and a two-unit, 16-week continuing education module in Applied Data Science.

Hubble Studios' role

Hubble Studios led the curricular updating and redevelopment of WQU’s MSc in Financial Engineering programme. WQU and Hubble Studios collaborated to drive student engagement and to support learners across the globe by applying instructional design principles that support online learning at scale.

To achieve its mission, WQU relies on a combination of media, readings, video lectures, and assignments with a focus on peer-to-peer collaboration across geographies, along with weekly live sessions where faculty respond to student questions in real time. Custom-built reporting dashboards accompanied by custom development work on the WQU learning platform have contributed to a tailored student and administrative experience.

the results

Hubble Studios’ collaboration with WorldQuant University resulted in increased engagement and satisfied learners who have gone through the programme developing highly in-demand skills.

“Overall, the Portfolio Theory and Asset Pricing course was up to the standards of postgraduate course. It really demonstrated insights and in-depth analysis. As compared to my investment portfolio course at my MBA degree, I will highly recommend WorldQuant University faculty for putting together the course. It really deepened my financial understanding in the field of investment.”

– Student Feedback from Course Evaluation Survey

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