Managing millennials: Why we removed management from our career map

By Samantha de Oliveira
18 January 2017

millennial staff in the workplace

Hubble Studios’ team members are typically of a younger generation. We have a pool table, ping pong table, our office is littered with beanbags, and good coffee is essential for us to work. We are the quintessential millennial office: we like to do things differently and we want our work to have meaning.

Millennial reputation: bad vs. good

The millennial generation has a bad reputation as being entitled, over-protected, lazy, impatient and attention-seeking. While millennials may well display these characteristics, they also tend to be highly collaborative, culturally competent, entrepreneurial, confident, results-oriented, adventurous and to celebrate diversity.

Fuelling our authentic purpose

To understand millennials, you need to know that their core motivation in the workplace is to have a job that fuels their authentic purpose. They want their work to matter, and to contribute to something greater than themselves. They want to change the world, but they want to work together to do so.

It’s therefore no surprise that Hubble Studios has removed management job roles – Account Manager and Project Manager – from our career map. These roles do not fit with our generation. We want job titles where management is not the end goal, but creating something new is. We also want a highly collaborative environment, where depending on the project, different people will assume management positions. In our Project Office, we no longer hire for Project Managers, instead we hire for Learning Designers and equip them with the tools to run projects. We need management skills that are embedded in our particular expertise.

Management is important as this process ensures that the team pulls together and the client work is delivered within scope. Where we differ from traditional companies is that we believe that these skills sit with more than just 20% of our office. The management roles at Hubble Studios have now become management responsibilities that are incorporated into people’s job specs. Empowering staff to manage projects has resulted in our office being highly flexible and dynamic, and has spread the overall project accountability – allowing us to deliver better work, faster.

Importance of leadership

A strong leadership team is important in our environment. We need people to pick and steer our course. We don’t think of our leaders as managers, although depending on the project they are working on, they might need to assume management responsibilities. The core focus of our leadership team is to provide a clear vision for the company and their departments, and to motivate staff to reach their authentic purpose in the workplace. If this is done well, then you have a team of results-driven and entrepreneurial millennials deeply invested in wanting the business to grow.

So in 2017 we say “RIP to management positions at Hubble Studios!”

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Our career map and other information about working at Hubble Studios is available on our About Us page.

About Samantha de Oliveira

Samantha joined Hubble Studios after years of being obsessed with e-learning. Today she is the Head of Human Resources, where she focuses on recruiting, mentoring, and retaining millennial talent to build a business of the future.