Hubble Studios celebrates Heritage Day


If there’s one thing that Hubble Studios is known for (other than all the great service and e-learning stuff) its our ability to turn anything into a reason to celebrate. Project launches, birthdays, leaving parties, month-aversaries they all present us with the opportunity to do what we do best – shut down our computers after a long day, leave the project stresses behind (or put them on pause at least), and spend time together – appreciating that we are lucky enough to work with people with consider friends rather than colleagues.

Luckily Heritage Day was made for celebrating, so we didn’t have to come up with an excuse for a party this time. Instead, we celebrated in true, proudly South African style – with chargrilled meats and beer!

I could wax lyrical about the potato salad, and go on about how much fun was had by all, but as a picture speaks a thousand words, I think I’ll just leave you with these:


image1image4 image2 image7image6image9

Happy Braai Day South Africa!