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UCT Online High School – The Functionality and Technology Platform Setup

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Technology Platform Setup  

Hubble Studios’ digital learning management platform provides the architecture to equip corporate companies and academic institutions with the tools to build initial capabilities and add functionality over time in order to satisfy business requirements and keep up with changes in technology. In partnership with the Valenture Institute, Hubble Studios has played a crucial role in powering the Learning Management System of the UCT Online High School.  

The Creation of the LMS System  

Hubble Studios has made use of Amazon Web Services as this service is secure, adaptable, and innovative. SAML was then used to implement Single Sign-On from the Valenture Portal to the LMS, thus ensuring an effortless user experience. Furthermore, a load balancer was also implemented to ensure that users experience faster load times. 

The power of the platform’s functionality  

The power of the UCT Online High School’s functionality lies in being able to track the learner’s pace and the ability for teachers to assist learners who fall behind; simulating an authentic school experience. The platform tracks the progress of the learner and alerts a teacher when a student is in need of assistance to ensure that they will complete the course on time. The platform does this by tracking completion dates to predefined completion data, individually set per learner, and showing these on the learners’ dashboard. 

The platform emulates the experience of attending high school by allowing learners to attend social clubs such as Salsa Dancing, where they can meet other learners with similar interests and make new friends whilst enjoying learning new skills from the comfort of their own home. The platform also supplies the learner with a home room to ensure the learner has access to a tutor and a teacher in case they need help – be that with the curriculum or even personal issues. The platform also ensures anonymity when learners’ assignments are being marked, to ensure that grading is fair and that the learners remain safe. 

The Content Creation process  

Hubble Studios, in collaboration with Valenture Institute, designed and developed the Learning Compass Programme. The purpose of this programme was to create a holistic framework that guides the way we help students develop as whole individuals. This programme is available for Grades 8 – 11 in 2022 and will be available for Grade 12s in 2023. It is a space for students to express themselves and learn from their coaches and peers. The sole function of this programme is to support the students’ academic journey as they navigate through social, emotional, and academic topics. For many learners, the learner school will be a new experience and the LCP will support them through this journey. It offers a safe space where learners can be supported by their coach and where they can interact with their peers, meet new acquaintances, create friendships, discuss topics that they need to talk about, find the support they seek and learn and grow as individuals.  

The Hubble Studios team that designed and developed the LCP consists of many former educators who were able to tap into what learners responded to, and the type of learning that they would find intriguing. The team created content that would engage learners, but also guide them and help them in all aspects of their schooling and forming. Topics covered include things like test and exam prep, study techniques, bias, how to deal with stress and pressure and so much more. Together with an amazing Graphic Design team, we managed to create a program that is not only aesthetically pleasing for young learners but also incredibly engaging, and relevant.   

The overall look and feel of the LMS was geared towards a simple user experience to ensure that students can focus on the content and not on how to use the system. 

How Hubble Studios assists clients with defining their budgets and finding customized solutions for the LMS 

Together with our expert technical team, we suggest solutions that will fit the customer’s budget and, most importantly, assist them with a solution to their business need. We make use of requirements analysis meetings where we solicit important details to define the business needs. We will then rely on our technology team to determine a customized solution that would suit the business need as well as the client’s budget. We always ensure that we evaluate the client’s business throughout our solution implementation. Visit Hubble Studio’s at and get in touch so that we can help you to create your very own digital platform solution. 

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