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Case Study: The London School Of Economics Executive Education Platform And Onboarding

LSE Case Study

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Even before the COVID-19 pandemic changed the learning landscape, the team at LSE Executive Education recognised the potential of digital tools for programme onboarding. Our team designed a new Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) and onboarding module that not only was consistent with the world-class training delegates expected from the LSE but also automated many of the programme administration tasks. Below are key aspects of how we accomplished this.  

Automation and digitisation 

LSE Programme Managers spent a lot of time before and during new executive programmes on manual administrative tasks. The new VLE allowed many of these tasks to become automated, digitised and initiated by the delegates themselves, with little to no input from Programme Managers.  

Now, before a new course launches, Programme Managers only need to collect first names, last names and email addresses from clients. All further correspondence is automatically triggered via the VLE, which prompts users to log in and upload required information. The LSE Programmes’ team and faculty then have access to the data required for the on-campus programme. More automation means more time for the LSE team to focus on their most important tasks: quality teaching and programme delivery. 

Visual brand identity 

The signature LSE red, curved shape and London imagery informed our learning design guides, platform customisation, and motion graphic video style. By drawing from a strong visual identity across all assets, we ensured that delegates had a seamless brand experience from start to finish – whether online or on campus. 

The executive summary/onboarding airplane-read  

We created onboarding content that oriented delegates to expectations upon their arrival at the LSE and equipped them with the resources necessary to prepare for a successful programme. Because many of the delegates are time-poor, onboarding preparations are often handled on the go. For this reason, we created a micro-learning module, while also linking delegates to more permanent, detailed resources on the VLE for reference throughout their course.  

Templatised courses 

With scalability at front of mind, we designed and implemented an onboarding template course that could easily be duplicated and updated by any Programme Manager or Hubble Studios team member with the relevant specifics. Higher investment content pieces like animations were designed so that the LSE team could use them across programmes and contexts with minimal to no updates.  

End off on a high! 

Once delegates complete their programme, they automatically have access to a feedback survey on the VLE. LSE can extract and use the data insights to inform future programmes. Delegates are also given access to a downloadable version of their LSE certificates – automating a solution for requests received regarding lost or digital certificates.  

Although we measure project success in a number of ways, a recent event demonstrated the robustness of our solution design. In early November, the team had a short-notice request to launch a brand-new onboarding course – in Italian no less! The LSE team was able to translate and set up a new course within three days, ready for their client to test. We look forward to seeing many more delegates use the brand new VLE as their first exciting look into LSE Executive Education programmes. 

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