Hubble Studios turns four

Hubble Studios turns four

Times of uncertainty reward the brave. And this year has certainly confronted me with the choice between being brave and playing it safe.

About a year ago, we kicked off a big initiative to invest in our People, when convention says we should focus on Sales. The result today is a phenomenal team, and a better pipeline of work than ever.

The success belongs to our leadership team: Carien, James and Samantha. Their commitment to our people is what makes us the best in the custom digital learning business today. My success is that I was brave enough to trust them with this focus.

Hubble Studios launches our new website today, formally introducing our services for Academic Institutions.

It is a time of reinvention for formal education. A time to be brave. We are stronger than ever and incredibly excited to contribute to this sector of our society.

Hannes Geldenhuys
Founder and CEO