Hubble Studios launch


After months of brainstorming, building and brand colours, Hubble Studios launched with a flourish on the 31 July 2014, at our new offices in Pinelands.

At just over a year and a half since our humble beginnings (with only one employee sitting all alone in a corner of GetSmarter’s Observatory offices), we welcomed clients, business partners and industry leaders as old friends, sharing war stories over bottles of champagne and laughing together over the lessons learnt and events that got us here.

With guests moving jovially between the photo booth, movie theatre and balcony bar, it was clear that while we may have a new name, a new brand, and, as we continue to grow a contingent of new faces, we trust the unique characteristics that made us who we were as GetSmarter Business Solutions, have made the move with us, forming the basis of our new Hubble Studios company culture.

Above all, the speeches by Hubble Studios’ Managing Director, Hannes Geldenhuys, and Executive Director (and GetSmarter CEO), Sam Paddock, emphasised that the launch was a time for us to show our appreciation for all those who have supported us first as GetSmarter Business Solutions, and throughout the change to Hubble Studios.

So while the greenbelt of Pinelands is quite a change from the bustling streets of Observatory, we know that this is just the first of many changes we can expect as we move towards the new frontiers in e-learning, and we look forward to working with you all, to build better humans and solve problems through education.


Hubble Studios_Invitation

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