A Hubble Halloween


Twas two months before Christmas, and throughout Hubble Studios
People were rushing around, wearing tuxedos
(Well, really, that was just one person, the rest took the slightly less classy route)

Two boxers, a cowboy, a collegiate Ken-doll,
A rapper, a diver, and a douchebaggy fellow,
A pirate, an actor, and Hannah Montana,
A bestman, and the stealer of things electricity-related. (The author is not a fan of Thomas Edison)

The girl from knocked up, and a trailer-trash lady,
The maddest mad-hatter, and CMYK,
A leopard-print leopard, and a ghostly Morticia,
And a disguised jolperd, getting in on the action.

And I heard them exclaim, as they drove out of sight
wow, Hannah’ really does fill out those tights”