Hubble goes Hollywood


A casual stroll around the office and suddenly there are lights, cameras, and an epic sword duel between RoboCop and Anonymous. Moving onwards towards the kitchen, a spontaneous conga line erupts between the easter bunny, a not-so-endangered panda, a hungry hungry hippo, a flying squirrel and the funky chicken.

Have we finally consumed too much coffee?

No *phew* don’t throw out that fourth latte just yet! While it may seem like a scene straight from a caffeine-induced fantasy, it was just Hubble Studios HQ doubling as a filmset for three days last week. Employees acted their hearts out, ending in the best walk-off since Zoolander, while our videographers tried to answer the question: Why Hubble Studios?

We could provide you with client testimonials and talk about the work we do but we?d rather boast about how much fun we have here.

Stop what now?
After countless of brainstorming sessions, our videographer opted to use stop frame animation.

Stop frame animation – also known as stop motion animation – is an animation technique where objects are made to move in small increments between individual photo frames, to create the illusion of movement when the series is played in a sequence.

A video usually consists of 25 frame (photos) per second but with stop frame animation, you can manually manipulate the amount of frames you see per second.

The big difference between video and stop frame is that there is no motion blur on stop frame – this means that everything is in focus at all times, giving it a static feeling.

Capturing our weirdness
Stop frame animation is great for comedic effect. The medium allowed us to do really cool things like defy gravity and some of us to realise our dreams of flying.

So after 7884 photos and three days of filming, we present to you: Why Hubble Studios?