Helping GROW Educare Centres secure their worth 

Hubble Studios helps with the funding application and the training solution for early education centres

For NGOs,
it’s a challenge to compile high-quality documentation for funding applications. Hubble Studios helps GROW Educare win a grant from Grand Challenges. 

Every organisation has dreams and ambitions, but they often need help achieving them 

For GROW Educare Centres, their mission was to expand their education model to reach more communities. To do this, they wanted to create a digital training programme with the dual purpose of empowering women who run Educare centres and delivering quality education to young children at a critical age. Achieving this goal involved reaching out to recommended educational experts Hubble Studios.  

Tracey ChambersCEO at GROW, says that part of the objective to scale up their operation meant putting their teaching model online. In this way, we can demonstrate best practice and give a teacher who has never had access to excellent quality a “window” into what high-quality Early Childhood Development looks like through online video training. Their plan is to train 250 teachers by 2020. 

Once Hubble Studios was on board, we helped to shape and map a phased-in online training programme based on their specific needs. The consultation with Hubble Studios was crucial for the client as it meant they could submit a detailed application for funding from Grand Challenges Canada Saving Brains programme. 

Tracey explains, ‘In order to apply for funding, we had to show the exact costs. We had no idea what this type of initiative would cost. Hubble Studios provided a 2-week scoping exercise for us which resulted in a proposal we could submit to Grand Challenges Canada.’

Why help GROW Educare Centres?

GROW Educare Centres is a non-profit organisation providing Early Childhood Development (ECD) training and resourcing in low-income areas of Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg. Currently, there are 31 GROW ECD centres in these three cities with a view to open more in the next year. Each centre looks after up to 80 children aged 2–5.  

 Early childhood development is the most powerful investment in human capital that a country can make.
– James Heckman, Nobel Prize Winner for Economic Sciences

The importance of early childhood development cannot be underestimated. Getting it right at this stage has a lasting impact for not just the children but the whole family. That’s why Hubble Studios jumped at the chance to support GROW’s potential. As online educational experts, Hubble Studios is passionate about finding training solutions to educational problems and laying the foundation for future learning and evaluation.  

The process to create analysis and design documents

Part of the process was for Hubble Studios to review GROW’s current work so that we could add and enhance their existing programme for online delivery. Every solution for the organisations we work with is tailored to their needs. Often people talk about wanting change, but the problem is how to go about achieving it. That’s where we step in, to connect the dots and help people realise the bigger picture. 

Tracey at GROW saysWe wanted to take our current best practice principles in training and scale it for impactWe know that our model works – but we need to get to many more schools and fast. Technology is going to help us achieve this. 

Part of Hubble’s consultation process included mock-up designs for the LMS as well as project costing. This level of detail and estimation was crucial to secure the grant funding for the online training course. Photo: Hubble Studios

Hubble Studios consults through a two-part process, first conducting an analysis of the current system and programme requirements, and then designing a digital solution in line with the client’s goals. We also create pixel-perfect designs of how the learning platform will look – which was useful for both the client and the grant proposal documents.   

We decided to phase in the programme to allow for assimilation and adoption. But our focus was to ensure a training solution that visually demonstrates ECD best practices and ensures learners were accredited once completed.

‘What we like about Hubble Studios,’ says Tracey, ‘is the full turn-key solution – everything from the technology to videography and scriptwriting, plus even postimplementation support. Many other companies outsource parts. Hubble Studios are the experts and they believe in high quality – just like we do. 

Winning the grant

After working on the design and structure, the proposal finally went off to Grand Challenges Canada. It was a nail-biting pause as we waited for news… And it was a huge celebration to hear the grant application was successful, with GROW receiving full funding for the online training project. 

Here at Hubble Studios, education and learning are what drive us. With shocking stats like only one in four children being able to read for meaning by Grade 4, it’s never been more urgent to develop effective, sustainable educational initiatives.  

In South Africa, over 48% of ECD centres are unregistered. GROW Educare trains principals and teachers and offers on-going business and educational support. With Hubble Studios’ online training solution, the organisation can reach more teachers and help more children. Photo: GROW

When people work together, the impact of social investment is amplified, and we are certain that this kind of training solution will empower both the women educators leading the future of ECD and the children who benefit from their care. 

Success can be said to depend on the shared vision of dedicated workforce, but it is also the result of collaboration with people who want that success for you too. 

It’s not just knowing where you want to get to, it’s having a robust plan on how to get there. For a chat or a consultation, or just to find out more about the projects we’ve worked on, please get in touch