Get Personal | A digital solution to employee induction

Starting a new job is stressful, no matter how experienced you are. Even before their first day, most employees struggle with the following kinds of questions:

Will I be able to do the job effectively?
Will I fit in?
Who do I answer to?
What is expected of me?

Even mundane sounding questions like ‘Where should I park?’ can cause undue anxiety.

Fast-forward to their first week, and you have wide-eyed new employees completely overwhelmed with reams of company policy, lengthy processes documents, and an extensive new network of colleagues that they are expected to remember. Many of them will have questions about sensitive topics like leave or overtime, but they may feel unwilling to bring up with a new employer before absolutely necessary, particularly if the company has not made it clear to whom they should go.

For many firms, even those with good intentions, the overall expense and time-consuming nature required by extended face-to-face onboarding for each new employee, may cause them to use an ad-hoc system, or even skip the process entirely. As companies grow larger, this becomes more and more likely.

Even for companies who do have a comprehensive onboarding for the sake of compliance, the system might not offer much in return, as the information may not ‘stick’ with an employee until such time as they need to use it.

So could digital learning be a potential answer to avoiding problems like these?

We think so. Imagine an online induction course, with interactive modules that are short, easy to navigate, and in line with the company brand. The goal should be to help new employees rapidly feel at home in your company, and begin to promote your corporate culture, both internally and externally. It should also be a place where employees can return to during their first few months, if they need to reference any procedures or policies.

In fact, we like this idea so much, we’re making our own. It includes:

1. An interactive, gamified map of our office space
2. A welcome video by our CEO, explaining our vision, mission, and values
3. A practical video-based OH&S demonstration of the correct emergency procedures
4. An introduction to our company mascot (very NB)
5. Profiles of our colleagues, focusing on their new team members
6. Some examples of our work, clients, and interesting reads about our industry
7. Reference HR policy documents, which can be accessed as and when needed
8. A way to upload documents such as IDs and CVs, for our HR team to collate easily
9. A FAQ section to answer the most common questions

So there you have it, a scalable, engaging and effective answer to the induction question. Digital inductions allow you to quickly and easily onboard new employees even before their first day: parking sorted!