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Webinar: COVID-19 And The Learning Landscape

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“Students are great innovators in online learning” 

Martin Hall  

On the 30th of June, Hubble Studios’ experts, Kat Scholtz (Chief Development Officer) and Martin Hall (Learning Advisor) held a retrospective webinar, in which the impact of COVID-19 on the learning landscape was discussed. In the webinar, the experts chat about lessons learned, what’s changed, and next steps.  

Taking a retrospective look at the changing learning environment, following 3 months on from Hubble Studios’ first webinar, the speakers critically discuss the successes and shortcomings of this high-speed change management by universities. 

The webinar unpacked the following themes and questions: 

  • Moving online at pace: how have academic organisations responded? 
  • Shortterm versus longterm planning: how have organisations prioritised action steps? 
  • Stakeholder responses: how do learners, faculty, and administrators seem to feel about the move online? 
  • Looking ahead: what does the learning landscape look like post-pandemic and if the focus on online learning will remain? What signifies real and more permanent move to online learning?

Why should you watch it? 

This global pandemic is an emergency that none of us has experienced in our lifetimes. It has had far-reaching consequences and one of them has impacted education in a way that we’ve never had to adapt to before. We may need to get used to adapting education like this for the long haul.  

While universities have been successful in their short-term plans of survival, a long-term shift is required to ensure that learning is inclusive to all students, despite differing socio-economic backgrounds. 

With this reality in mind, this webinar serves as a great conversation starter to get your institution thinking about how to create a co-curriculum that reaches students academically and socially. With students, especially undergraduates, expecting face-to-face classes, learning partners must accept that online learning is second best. The onus is on us to work on improving quality and getting good data on how learners are responding to these changes.  

Watch and share this webinar to better understand what the emerging perceptions and attitudes are towards online learning, and how you and your industry need to start thinking and planning for a more inclusive learning model.  

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