Happy birthday Hubble! ¡esto hay que celebrarlo!


Something in the air felt a little different Friday morning. It wasn’t the chill of Cape Town’s winter but something more festive.

A walk to the kitchen for the morning coffee commute turned into a telenovella as everyone engaged in Mexican slang. It must be the lack of coffee right? As the morning rolled on, more people burst into our office doors with sombreros, fake moustaches and lingo that sounded like a scene from “Blood In, Blood Out”. Are we filming another video? Is it Mexcian-themed?

The answer is, sadly, no but we had something to celebrate: Hubble Studios? first birthday!

Tequila? Check! Piñata? Check!
Throughout the day, Hubblites dressed in their best Mexican-inspired outfits and as 3pm rolled on, we all descended to the ‘border’ – the recreation room on a normal day. Upon arrival, we were greeted to some Mexican music and bombarded with Margaritas. It was the kitchen that seemed to be the popular spot as everyone hovered over the delicious food on display: nachos, calamari, chicken strips, guacamole and many more! Oh and let us forget, #tequila!

After a few shots and munching on food, CEO Hannes Geldenhuys took a moment to reflect on the year that has passed. It’s been a good year for us, a year in which we saw an office expansion and the addition of new Hubblites. We also took the time to hand out some fun team awards, which ranged from loudest laugh to most jargon words used in a day (ahem: CEO).

The rest of the afternoon included good music, lots of laughter and plenty of celebrations. Below is the gallery of our event.

Here’s to another fruitful year!