Ending the year on a high note: Food Jams!


“Ready, steady, cook!” were words the Hubbleites thought we might hear when we arrived in Gardens for an end-of-year Food Jam. Ready to chop, slice, dice, mix, fry and roast, we grabbed a glass of wine and rolled up our sleeves while Jade and her team explained that we would be cooking our own supper from her recipes.

Working in teams with names like “Finding Nemo”, “Kung Fu Panda” and “Drop it like it’s hot”, we set to work making a huge mess of the kitchen. Each team had a dish or more to make from scratch, and was given all the tools and (almost all) the ingredients to carry out the recipes. We begged, borrowed and traded to get the missing ingredients from our fellow teams so we could put some delicious food on the table. The Master Chef spirit was coaxed out of us, with the more competitive Hubbleites even stretching to minor sabotage, like stealing recipe pages or crucial ingredients…

Chaos reigned in the kitchen as we scrambled to make fillet, veggie burgers, fresh pasta with meatballs, wontons, chicken pies and spring rolls (amongst other things). Flour was thrown, ingredients “borrowed” and mess was made, but the food we produced was colourful and tasty. While we ate our pudding, boss-man Hannes gave a short speech. Although he didn’t grace us with a song this year, he spoke about how the Hubble family has grown, how our team members are developing new skills, and how we keep tackling ever-bigger projects with gusto.

Our Food Jam was a huge helping of enjoyment paired with some well-deserved relaxation. Check out the gallery below to see some of our evening’s shenanigans.