Project Date: 2018

“EEGonline is designed for specialist neurologists in training and is an intensive, part-time, 6-month program which is aimed at assisting specialist neurologists and neurologists in training with the analysis and interpretation of brain waveforms (electroencephalography). This is an essential skill in the diagnosis and management of neurological conditions such as epilepsy,  sleep disorders and coma.

Our partnership with Hubble Studios has allowed us to help develop this skill. The team at Hubble Studios has assisted us in the development of a well-designed, user-friendly platform, which includes discussion forums, text-based content, instructional videos and interactive simulations. This has transformed the nature of electroencephalography training in both developed and resource-constrained environments, as well as geographic regions far beyond the reach of the physical training environment, while ensuring that the material is comprehensive and engaging.

Hubble Studios goes the extra mile to maximise learning value and considers the learners’ experience at every stage. Their innovation and commitment to excellence will continue to stretch the limits of what online learning can achieve.”

Lawrence Tucker MBChB MSc FCP(SA) PhD
Head: Division of Neurology, University of Cape Town