Eat, drink and be scary


All through history, civilisations have held wine in such an esteem that they dedicated gods to it, such as the Greek’s Dionysus, the Roman’s Bacchus and even the Egyptian’s Osiris. So it’s only fitting that thousands of years later, as we came to celebrate our third birthday, that we did so with wine. With our celebration aptly falling on Halloween, Hubble Studios embarked in theatrical costumes, for a wine tasting at Constantia Glen and an afternoon of festivity.

As with everything that is done at Hubble, the team committed to the Halloween theme whole-heartedly, with superheroes, villains and all kinds of weird and wonderful characters going about their usual work day. The typical vibrancy and creativity of the office was clearly visible as characters like the Joker, Cleopatra, Katniss, zombies and all kinds of eccentric personas emerged. The CEO and Head of Project Office, in a display of sheer commitment to the Halloween spirit, met with clients while in full costume and makeup, dressed as Spiderman and Two-Face.

As the work day drew to an end, laptops were closed and beers opened, pens were put down and pool cues picked up and the party was started in the break room. The festivities continued as the team moved the party to Constantia, where wine was tasted, cheese platters served and there wasn’t a single dull – or quiet – moment. Like many influential contemporary companies such as Google, Hubble Studios believes that fun is important in creating motivated, inspired and creative individuals. Fun is also important in creating team spirit and building strong relationships among employees, which was clearly illustrated in this celebration.

From a work day in full costume, to a pre-party in the company break-room which was continued on the bus ride, to ending off with tasting incredible wines and cheeses while overlooking the beautiful Constantia, the celebration was one to remember, with colleagues and – more accurately – friends celebrating the company’s third birthday in true Hubble spirit, with bonding, revelry and fun.

View the gallery of fun costumes below. Here’s to the next three years!