Colonel Mustard, in the conservatory, with the candlestick!


Accusations abounded at the Hubble Studios end-of-year party, which took place in the south of France. The year was 1949, and Hubble high rollers had gathered at an underground poker game hosted by the infamous Hans Dressler. Unfortunately, what was meant as an evening of revelry quickly turned sour as a shot rang out, and the host was found murdered in the drawing room. But which of the guests was the murderer? Suspicions ranged from the Marketing Manager (who turned out to be a French Heiress with a penchant for rich men and a hidden agenda), to the Head of Learning Design (who was really a Russian Spy and a Black Widow, masquerading as a showgirl).

At one point, the overly boisterous German Head of Operations almost incriminated himself, while the French Videographer (who had lost the family Chateau thanks to our host) admitted that he seen someone try to poison Hans, but had not tried to stop them.

Project teams were judged, alliances were tested, and you couldn’t take a sip of wine without having your motives questioned. And while the Managing Director gave a very motivating speech about how “you are what you believe yourself to be”, at the end of the evening, it was the not-so-mild-mannered Learner Coach who was found to be behind it all. And while she swears it was a case of Russian-roulette-gone-wrong, I’d caution you to be wary next time you consider calling for a password reminder.

Thanks to Lente from for putting up with us, and all our wild accusations.