Industry news | Scenario Based Learning

Scenario-based learning is by no means a new trend in the world of eLearning. It is, however, still one of the most effective ways to elicit deeper thought from learners. Scenarios lead to learners stepping out of their rote memorisation corner and into the light, making them active participants in their learning. Within learning, a Read More

Industry news | How much do you care about getting your next promotion?

If you answered ‘a lot’, it turns out that others in the office care about their promotions as much as you do. According to BambooHR the three main reasons people leave their jobs are: 1) lack of career advancement 2) lack of work/life balance and 3) money. Research shows that a perceived lack of career Read More

Industry news | Hubble Studios turns three!

Hubble Studios turns three!

1000 days. That’s how long ‘they’ say it takes to make or break a small business. It’s also what ‘they’ (the healthcare ‘they’ this time) acknowledge as the key period in shaping an infant’s future; And it’s where we find ourselves today. At the risk of delving to deeply into the many metaphors that these Read More

Industry news | Learning LandsCAPE conference 2015

Last month, one of our team members had the opportunity to present at the Learning Landscape conference. She sums up her experience below: It felt super energising to swap my usual day at work for a day at the Learning LandsCAPE conference. Apart from mingling with people from accomplished backgrounds- ranging from academics and business-leaders in the Read More

Industry news | Something new | from the desk of the CEO

It’s not every day that you get to write your very first blog post. Especially in 2015, when it seems the whole world is thinking out-loud, online. And, to be honest, I’ve been sitting on this to-do for a good seven years now. So here I am, having given myself since 2007 to do this, Read More

Industry news | M-learning: the present and future of e-learning

Our hands clutch at it and our eyes fixate on its screen. We have to check up on it before our heads fall onto our pillows at night, and it’s the first thing we look for when we wake up in the morning. We simply cannot live without our smartphones. To ensure that our learners Read More

Industry news | How to provoke, engage and awaken through e-learning

Storytelling is the oldest known form of human communication. Before we were WhatsApping and Facebooking, we were telling tales around the campfire, at the dinner table with our families, or even on the magical carpet in the kindergarten classroom. We relied on gestures, voice and facial expressions to describe the event or ideas of the Read More

Industry news | UX is here, and it’s here to stay

Drag and drop. Two clicks instead of seven. Responsive iconography. Simple navigation. It’s all about turning your attention from making things pretty to a more user-friendly space. What’s the point of spending hours on creating a visually pleasing user interface for learners when basic functionality is forgotten and users are lost within minutes of induction? Read More

Industry news | To Game or Not to Game

To Game or Not to Game

The latest trend in learning design, ‘gamification’, has spawned a multitude of offerings, from new game templates to alternative theories of pedagogy, all in an attempt to make e-learning more fun and motivating. In reality, adding gaming elements to online courses is a complicated process that requires analysis of the students’ needed skills and of Read More

Industry news | The 5 Moments of Need – Making Learning Relevant

The 5 Moments of Need – Making Learning Relevant

When you think of traditional training, you will most likely envision a student painstakingly working through course notes, sweating through an exam and eagerly awaiting their results to prove their competency in the subject. However, when we look at the efficacy of this model in terms of a student’s time-to-competency in the work environment, we Read More