Events | Ending the year on a high note: Food Jams!

Ending the year on a high note: Food Jams!

“Ready, steady, cook!” were words the Hubbleites thought we might hear when we arrived in Gardens for an end-of-year Food Jam. Ready to chop, slice, dice, mix, fry and roast, we grabbed a glass of wine and rolled up our sleeves while Jade and her team explained that we would be cooking our own supper from her recipes. Read More

Events | Hubble’s birthday picnic!

Hubble’s birthday picnic!

We had an exciting time last week, because our birthday celebrations stretched through until Friday afternoon’s birthday party. We visited the beautiful Silvermine Reservoir for a picnic and other celebratory mischief. The reservoir looked like a scene out of The Lord of the Rings because of the low cloud rolling down over the water. Some people Read More

Events | Beers, tunes, and a rainy trek up Long Street

Beers, tunes, and a rainy trek up Long Street

Hubblites sipped on acid green cocktails as the sky greyed above them. Laughter and talk bubbled up under the canopies on the Grand Daddy Hotel rooftop in Long Street. Skirts swished, heels clacked and shoes shone. Popcorn, lollipops and Chomps were consumed as if we were having a throwback to our days of building sandcastles Read More

Events | Eat, drink and be scary

Eat, drink and be scary

All through history, civilisations have held wine in such an esteem that they dedicated gods to it, such as the Greek’s Dionysus, the Roman’s Bacchus and even the Egyptian’s Osiris. So it’s only fitting that thousands of years later, as we came to celebrate our third birthday, that we did so with wine. With our Read More

Events | Happy birthday Hubble! ¡esto hay que celebrarlo!

Happy birthday Hubble! ¡esto hay que celebrarlo!

Something in the air felt a little different Friday morning. It wasn’t the chill of Cape Town’s winter but something more festive. A walk to the kitchen for the morning coffee commute turned into a telenovella as everyone engaged in Mexican slang. It must be the lack of coffee right? As the morning rolled on, Read More

Events | Hubble goes Hollywood

Hubble goes Hollywood

A casual stroll around the office and suddenly there are lights, cameras, and an epic sword duel between RoboCop and Anonymous. Moving onwards towards the kitchen, a spontaneous conga line erupts between the easter bunny, a not-so-endangered panda, a hungry hungry hippo, a flying squirrel and the funky chicken. Have we finally consumed too much Read More

Events | Colonel Mustard, in the conservatory, with the candlestick!

Colonel Mustard, in the conservatory, with the candlestick!

Accusations abounded at the Hubble Studios end-of-year party, which took place in the south of France. The year was 1949, and Hubble high rollers had gathered at an underground poker game hosted by the infamous Hans Dressler. Unfortunately, what was meant as an evening of revelry quickly turned sour as a shot rang out, and Read More

Events | A Hubble Halloween

A Hubble Halloween

Twas two months before Christmas, and throughout Hubble Studios People were rushing around, wearing tuxedos (Well, really, that was just one person, the rest took the slightly less classy route) Two boxers, a cowboy, a collegiate Ken-doll, A rapper, a diver, and a douchebaggy fellow, A pirate, an actor, and Hannah Montana, A bestman, and Read More

Events | Hubble Studios celebrates Heritage Day

Hubble Studios celebrates Heritage Day

If there’s one thing that Hubble Studios is known for (other than all the great service and e-learning stuff) its our ability to turn anything into a reason to celebrate. Project launches, birthdays, leaving parties, month-aversaries they all present us with the opportunity to do what we do best – shut down our computers after Read More

Events | Hubble Studios launch

Hubble Studios launch

After months of brainstorming, building and brand colours, Hubble Studios launched with a flourish on the 31 July 2014, at our new offices in Pinelands. At just over a year and a half since our humble beginnings (with only one employee sitting all alone in a corner of GetSmarter’s Observatory offices), we welcomed clients, business partners Read More