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Content Development


The most effective learning content comes from working alongside our clients and addressing the needs specific to their organisation.


Hubble Studios works with you to design and produce engaging digital learning content to enhance learning experiences.

This includes notes, graphics, interactive activities, assessments, videos and animation.


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Content Distribution & Learning Technologies


Hubble Studios will assist you in distributing learning content through blended or purely digital learning channels, such as a custom learning management system (LMS), or mobile application.


Our learning technology includes tracking and reporting functionality to ensure your key business performance metrics are being measured and is accessible for management decision-making.

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Our Solutions

Our digital learning solutions make skills development faster, measurable, scalable, and easier to access. We offer the following specialised online business solutions:



With constant updates in laws, regulations and company policies, compliance training is vital for the effective functioning of any organisation.

Our Compliance Training Solution will assist you to rapidly develop, distribute and track compliance training with uncomplicated reporting, ensuring all staff are up-to-date with essential information.

Customer Service

Customer service is a key aspect of any organisation’s success and your workforce’s ability to engage with customers in a consistent way is important.

Our Customer Service Training Solution ensures that your staff meet your customers’ expectations, first time and every time. We focus on ensuring consistency in your customers’ experience, guaranteeing your customers’ problems are solved promptly and smoothly.


Getting new staff up to speed is often a timely and costly process.

With our Induction Solution, staff are systematically and rapidly empowered to contribute to the organisation, without consuming your HR resources.

Product & Sales Knowledge

Customers respond best to staff who are knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the products they are selling.

Our Product and Sales Knowledge Training Solution provides staff with the skills and tools needed to effectively assist your customers, resulting in gaining new customers, and keeping your existing ones.

Systems & Process

Operational efficiency is only possible with effective IT systems and disciplined application of internal processes. Ensuring staff are able to use these systems and processes when they need them can be a challenge.

Our Systems and Process Training Solution will enable staff to have access to content that can both instruct and support them in ensuring they are used in the manner in which they were designed.