Beers, tunes, and a rainy trek up Long Street


Hubblites sipped on acid green cocktails as the sky greyed above them. Laughter and talk bubbled up under the canopies on the Grand Daddy Hotel rooftop in Long Street. Skirts swished, heels clacked and shoes shone. Popcorn, lollipops and Chomps were consumed as if we were having a throwback to our days of building sandcastles and playing kissing catchers.

As the the sky poured itself onto the city, Hubblites gathered together; cosy in blankets and equipped with champagne to hear the Roast of Hubble Studios. Our graphic designer-slash-comedian singled out and roasted every single member of the Hubble team, including herself. No one was spared from reliving embarrassing moments. Afterwards, ‘spider-baas’ Hannes (so named because of his infamous Spiderman Halloween costume) began to sing!

Hannes sang an ode to his Hubblites with the aid of a guitar and a harmonica. He concluded his serenade with:

‘Who can tell what next year will bring
And to what clich├ęd tune my next song I will sing?
But hear, oh hear, my dear Hubblite women and men,
We’ll continue the vibe, gees, making it pour rain as best as anyone in the business ever can.’

The gees definitely continued as Hubblites began their odyssey down Long Street to paint the town Hubble orange (#ef4926) and blue (#233267). Cheers, gesondheid, impilo and l’chaim to another great year at Hubble!